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Here it is! Our 2016 Schedule of classes…

This is the best program of cooking classes that we’ve produced – ever. …

Pomegranate Molasses: Middle Eastern Magic

Middle Eastern Granola Cropped

Pomegranate molasses is a thick, sweet and sour syrup. It is intensely rich and tangy.

Commonly used to enhance savoury dishes, pomegranate …

Wellington Apiary Honeycomb

Wellington Apiary Honeycomb

Coming next week.
Shipment delayed due to bush fires in Tasmania.

Wellington Apiary’s wildflower honeycomb is harvested from hives around Hobart and is rich and citrusy due to the number of fruit trees in the gardens and parks in the city.

No chemicals or paints are used in the hives, and the wildflower …


Awesome Artisans: Zokoko Chocolate

At The Essential Ingredient we are always on the lookout for the best artisan products. We didn’t have to look far for one of our newest producers! Made in Sydney, we believe that Zokoko produces some of the most delicious chocolate we’ve ever tasted.

Zokoko source the finest cacao beans from all …


Salt: so much more than simple seasoning

Not just a household substance, it has acted as a key broker of power and influence across the globe.

Salt and the history of the world are intertwined.

• It was, and still is, used in religious ceremonies, with the word “salvation” derived from salt.
• “Salary” has its roots in salt. In ancient …

Black rice

Emperor’s Rice

In ancient China, short grain black rice was extremely rare and was reserved for the emperor. Forbidden to everyone else, it became known as “emperor’s rice” or “forbidden rice”.

A hybrid grain, developed by combining emperor black rice with an Italian Padano rice, became known as riso nero Venere or black …

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Australia Day Fare

Nothing says Australia Day more than prawns, pies, potatoes, pavlova and passionfruit. Oh, and lamb. Australia Day wouldn’t be the same without lamb!

This year, we’re embracing the classics with our Australia Day menu:

– Prawn cocktail
– Lamb sausage rolls
– Potato wedges
– Passionfruit pavlova


Prawn cocktail
For a simple prawn cocktail, toss …