Christmas in July cooking class

turkey legs

If you dream of a white Christmas, and want to enjoy a big slap up turkey dinner in the weather for which it was designed, come to the Christmas in …

Italian cooking classes for winter

Escape to Italy with a winter Italian cooking class.

Escape to Europe with an Italian cooking class this winter at the Essential Ingredient Newcastle.

cherry pie 2

Twin Peaks Cherry Pie

In honour of the return season of the classic TV show Twin Peaks here’s a cherry pie recipe that’ll kill ya *

*not literally


Pie crust

250g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
250g unsalted butter, cold
125ml cold water
1 TBS caster sugar
1 tsp salt


800g pitted cherries – you can …

Mud Ceramics

We know all about your mum!

How do you honour the woman who gave you life? What gift illustrates your gratitude for all those thankless tasks she did without complaint this past year, and all the years before?


Anything is going to be a mere token of your love, but if you’re going to go in for the commercialisation of affection (and we strongly …

Danish 1A

Open Sandwiches By The Book

At The Essential Ingredient, you can find all you need to take your Scandinavian open sandwiches to the next level.

Sometimes it’s not just about the food. Sometimes it’s as much about the conversation. And that means serving dishes that won’t interrupt free flowing discourse.

For more than 15 …

native foods

Native Australian Foods

Written by Grace Mooney

At the time of white settlement in the late eighteenth century it is estimated that the Aboriginal population ate approximately five thousand plant and animal species in Australia and had been doing so for over 50,000 years. This is a staggering twenty percent of native flora …


Recipe: Wattleseed Tiramisu





With it’s delightful mix of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut aromas ground wattleseed is the perfect addition to a classic Tiramisu.


Serves 12
1cup boiling water
25g wattleseed
6Tbl dark rum
4 eggs, separated
½cup sugar
500g mascarpone cheese
1Tbl lemon juice
1tsp vanilla
1cup heavy cream
1Tbl icing sugar
48 excellent quality ladyfingers
¾cup unsweetened chocolate
¾cup bittersweet chocolate


In a bowl, combine the …