How to create perfect pork crackling (video)

Roast pork is an Australian favourite, particularly when served with all the customary trimmings; roast vegetables, apple sauce, gravy and, of course, crackling. To most of us, a traditional Australian …

How to cook with a pressure cooker


Although this classic piece of cookware is very much popular again, we receive a lot of queries as to how to use a pressure cooker. Here is our guide to …


Recipe: Melt-in-the-mouth Lamb in Adobo

Borrowing its name from the Spanish word verb adobar (‘to marinate’), Adobo is a staple across Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.

This South American variation uses dried chillies to impart a spectacular smokiness through the meat, something that is instead achieved with …


Origine Prestige Corkscrew

Available now in stores and online, exclusive in Australia to The Essential Ingredient.

A passion for wine extends far beyond the drink itself.

The quality and shape of the wine glass, the necessity of a decanter, the conditions of the ‘cellaring’ location; these are all factors that an …


Pure Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Powder

Vanilla is a flavour universally loved; ubiquitous in cakes, desserts, pastries and more.

While the ingredient is a popular one, whole vanilla beans can be time consuming to deal with in larger quantities, however, and vanilla extract may add unwanted liquid to a complex recipe.

The Essential Ingredient …


Maple-candied bacon

Bacon. Few foods illicit as enthusiastic and impassioned a response as this fatty, smoked pork product.

The most devoted of fans will suggest there is no conceivable way in which this ‘super food’ (to borrow from a far healthier catalogue of foods…) can be improved.

But we think we might have found a way.

Using our new Pure Canadian Maple Sugar and our …


Recipe: Wheat Berries with Brussels Sprouts, Lemon and Walnuts

Organic Wheat Berries with Brussels Sprouts and Lemon, pictured in The Essential Ingredient Mini Copper Frypan

This recipe beautifully demonstrates the savoury applications of our Organic Wheat Berries. Can be served warm as a side dish to any roasted or grilled red meat, cold as a hearty …